Why We Give

We give of our resources as an act of worship. It is a concrete way to affirm the truth that everything we are and have belongs to God. It is a declaration of dependence. God has promised to care and provide for us. When we withhold our tithes and offerings we are making a statement that our resources belong to us and that we have to take care of ourselves. Scripture is filled with many promises of God’s provision and saturated with stories of His faithfulness. Your tithe allows us to support what God is doing in the greater Colorado Springs area and around the world!

How To Give Online

Click or tap on the icon below to give directly through the Pushpay website

Please note when choosing a payment method, there are transaction fees associated, which in general are 3% for credit cards, 2% for debit cards, and 1% for ACH transactions from checking accounts. Thank you for your gift.

Give Via the North Springs Mobile App

In addition to being able to give here, you can download the North Springs mobile app for free.  We’ve integrated Push Pay into your mobile app so you can make future gifts directly from your mobile device or tablet.

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