Events at North Springs

Church Calendar

Our worship services are on Sunday mornings. See you there! Be sure to check out the public church calendar for what’s happening in all ministries this week or this month.

Current and Upcoming Events

Here is information about some notable current and upcoming events at North Springs:

  • North Springs Mobile App - North Springs has a custom church app!  For many of us, we conduct 60% of our day to day life on some type of mobile device.  The beautiful thing about this custom app is that it puts a number of functions into one place on the device you use most.  Here are some of the (More)
  • Current Teaching Series: Romans -   We invite you to join us for this incredible 25 week series where we examine God's blueprint for salvation as shown in the book of Romans.  Our series begins Sunday, February 4th and will run through the fall of 2018.  If you're thinking of visiting North Springs, you can learn even more about us (More)
  • Church Potluck|August 26 - Our next Church Potluck will be held this Sunday, August 26th following the second Worship Service.  Let us share our bounty and life with one another!  If able, here's what you can bring!: FAMILIES:  One main entree / dish + one side dish/salad/dessert Please bring enough for your entire family PLUS two extra portions. SINGLES: One side dish/salad/dessert
  • Resting in Jesus|Tuesday’s September 11 – November 6 - Resting in Jesus is a nine-week study, designed to help students create a greater place in their heart and life for Jesus. Cost is $35.00. Classes will be held at North Springs Alliance Church on Tuesday's at 6:15 - 8:30 pm, starting September 11th, with Men's and Women's Classes held in separate rooms. For questions or to (More)
  • Explore North Springs|September 23 - Explore North Springs is our membership class offered quarterly.  We meet after the second Worship Service (approximately 1 pm) at Pastor Don and Tamara Overton’s home (near Rangewood Drive & Research Parkway).  During the class, Don details our philosophy, emphases, denominational connection, and what being a member of this body of believers involves. If you (More)
  • CityServe (aka COS I Love You)|October 5-7 - COSILoveYou is a City Gospel Movement in Colorado Springs with a vision to unite and ignite the local Church to love their city. This October, believers from around Colorado Springs will gather to seek the peace and prosperity of our city and unite under one purpose: that every woman, man, and child would experience the tangible love of (More)