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Fri 4th May
6:00 pm
9:00 pm
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Lake LifeGroup Meeting
Group: Lake LifeGroup
LifeGroup Leaders:

Scott & Rachel Lake


We always eat together, we think that's pretty important.  We are multi-generational; from teens to seniors.  We bear each others needs and burdens from picking each other up at the airport to providing a place to live if that's what's necessary.  We enjoy our time serving the broader community around us.  We celebrate the joys in each other's lives.  Trying to pin down exactly what makes this group tick is hard to do but we are looking forward to others joining in.

**Contact the Lake's or search for "Lake LifeGroup" in CCB to get the meeting location for the week. 
Fri 4th May
6:30 pm
9:00 pm
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Van Wagenen LifeGroup Meeting
Group: Van Wagenen LifeGroup
LifeGroup Leaders:

Tom Van Wagenen


Traci Van Wagenen



Join our LifeGroup for weekly Bible study and fellowship! We discuss the Sunday sermon and questions together and pray for one another’s needs. During the last Friday of each month, we enjoy a Game Night or other social event together. We like to find an opportunity to serve our community at least once per quarter as a group, and we encourage sharing ideas to serve our city.

**Meeting locations rotate between LifeGroup members’ residences. Contact the Van Wagenen's or check the CCB Needs 

 at <> to confirm the location for the week.
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Meeting locations rotate between LifeGroup members, **Contact the Van Wagenen's or check the "Udall LifeGroup" Needs List in CCB to confirm the location for the week., Colorado Springs, CO