We love and value each child God brings to us at North Springs! We see it as a privilege to partner with parents to help kids know who God is and to experience His love for them.  Nurseries and Children’s Classes are available during our Sunday morning services.

Infants and Toddlers

WebIn our infant and toddler nurseries, our littlest ones are cared for in a safe and loving environment. Our hope is twofold: first, that parents can be free to thoroughly engage in their own worship or class experience; and second, that the children’s first experiences at church are positive, warm and happy.


Preschool & Kindergarten

Kids age 3 and 1/2 through Kindergarten enjoy a loving, fun environment where they feel secure. They are introduced to foundational truths from God’s word, play together, and create projects as they develop their understanding of who God is, and how much He loves them. They are taught by Godly teachers who show them God’s love.



WebKids in grades 1 – 5 first enjoy an engaging community experience together, and then split to grade-level classes with adult leaders who are committed to investing in their lives. Our program includes fun musical worship, dynamic teaching, a chance to connect and create projects together, and time for individual response to God.


Kids FAQs

Where do I find the nursery and toddler rooms?

Our Infant/Walker Nursery (Birth – 18 months) is located on the lower level in room 140. The Toddler Nursery (2-3.5 years) is located on the lower level in room 141.  Check-in for both nurseries is at the manned check-in station on the lower level.

Where do I find the children’s ministry?

All children’s ministry classrooms are located on the lower level.  Our check-in station is manned throughout the morning and our check-in person would be happy to direct you and your children to the appropriate classroom(s).

How do I check my child in?

On your first visit, fill out a children’s ministry registration form at the  children’s ministry check-in station on the lower level.  Each Sunday check in your children  at the manned electronic check-in station on the lower level.  Each week, you will be given a tag with a number on it, which will correspond to a numbered nametag that will be attached to your child, as well as one attached to a diaper bag (if applicable). You will need your tag to pick up your child.

Who is supervising my child?

Our nurseries and children’s ministry areas are staffed with loving adult volunteers from our congregation.  All adults have been screened and trained.  They are often assisted by caring teen helpers.

How do you reach me if my child needs me?

We ask all of our parents to bring their cell phone, turned to vibrate, and put in a location where they will be aware if it goes off. We will call or text you to notify you if you are needed.

Is there a place for nursing mothers to feed their children?

Yes. We have a Family Room for use by any family with young children.  It includes a partitioned-off area for nursing.  The Family Room is located across from the main sanctuary.  It is not staffed, but set aside as a place for families to go if needed.  The service audio can be heard in the Family Room.

Are parents required to put their children in the nurseries/children’s ministry?

Your children are always welcome in our services.  There is no designated place for families with babies/young children to sit in the service, but most prefer to sit toward the back in case they need to excuse themselves.

How long will you let my baby/child cry?

Parents can indicate how long they are comfortable with letting their children cry before they are contacted.

What activities will my child participate in?

In the nurseries, the children play, are held, read to, and fed if needed. We do everything we can to help them feel loved and secure at church. In the Toddler Nursery, the children will also have a short story and snack time each week.

Our pre-school/kindergarten class learns foundations of God’s word through story time, a remember verse, games, singing and craft projects.  There is a small snack served each service.

Our elementary kids meet as both a large group community and in grade level small groups.  They learn the Big God Story chronologically through creative story telling, singing, remember verse, activities/projects and individual response time to God.

If I have a question, who do I contact?

For more information on nursery ministry, contact our office at office@northsprings.church.

I love kids! How can I volunteer to serve?

In order to volunteer in the nursery, please ccontact our office at office@northsprings.church.