Global Prayer Network

North Springs is blessed to support four global partners serving around the world.  Each of our partners represent a different outreach focus of the Christian & Missionary Alliance:

  • Compassion and Mercy Associates (CAMA)
  • Envision
  • International Ministries
  • Marketplace Ministries

Each month, we feature one of our global partners during our “Missions Moments” during our services and provide an update on their work.  Our partners also provide other means of connecting with them at regular and not-so-regular times.

If you would like to keep up current on our global partners and their prayer needs, contact our office at She will be happy to include you as part of our Global Prayer Network so you can receive the latest updates from the field!

The Christian & Missionary Alliance also has a wonderful prayer resource available at  If you have a heart for interceding on behalf of furthering of the Alliance’s gospel impact, please avail yourself of this great resource.


TEN Ways to Pray for Your International Workers

Dr. Jessie Ritchey

1. Pray that they would have empathy.

  • That they would be able to intentionally see through the lens of empathy. This includes the capacity to have insight to look beyond the actions of others and to try to understand their intentions.
  • That they would be able to put themselves in the other person’s shoes and understand what informs their values and motivates their actions. This is critical for cross-cultural adaptation and communication.

2. Pray that they would graciously and humbly submit to the necessary posture of a learner.

  • This gets tiring.
  • This gets frustrating.
  • They have spent their whole lives growing, learning, maturing and gaining wisdom and consolidating experience. This knowledge or experience gives an identity and titles.  Suddenly, they go to a new place and nobody knows their name.  Their identity and achievements are stripped from them and they must reconstruct a different identity within a new culture, using a new language.
  • Language and culture learning are a lifelong journey.

3. Pray that they would be gracious when their intentions or motives are misunderstood

      due to different cultural patterns and values.

4. Pray that they would be sensitive to God’s timing and His economy rather than trying

     to rush and push.

5. Pray that they would be sensitive to God’s direction.

6. Pray for them to find new healthy patterns for their marriage.

  • They will need to be creative as they may not have access to childcare nor much privacy.

7. Pray for the healthy spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual growth of their children.

  • Schooling options can be challenging.
  • They will need to be creative in supplementing.
  • Appropriate playmate situations can be difficult.
  • There are both joys and challenges in being multi-cultural.

8. Pray for divine wisdom for establishing strong relationships with people that will have

     networks of relationships that will carry the Gospel deep into the culture.

9. Pray that they would have integrity and wisdom in establishing strategies, projects, and

      businesses that would be characterized by local ownership, sustainability and


10. Pray that they would learn how to wisely handle the additional stresses that come

        from living cross-culturally.