One of our passions here at North Springs is creatively communicating the gospel through the arts.  All of our teams have come to know the transformation space that is the people of God, gathering together to worship him through the gifts he’s given us. Below is an overview of the different areas you can plug in.  For more information on how to get involved, please contact the church office.

Worship Choir –

Description: A large ensemble of vocalists who assist in leading in worship
Time Commitment: 2 rehearsals prior to singing at weekend services throughout the school year.

Dance Ministry –

Description: A team of creative dancers who enhance musical elements through choreographed creative movement in worship services.
Time commitment: as needed for rehearsal in preparation for worship participation.

Instrumental & Vocal Ministry –

Description: Vocal and instrumental teams who are involved in leading worship through a variety of music styles at services on the weekend. Participants are expected to be spiritually authentic, emotionally mature, and genuinely gifted.
Time commitment: can vary, but commonly involves 2 times per month rehearsal and participation at all weekend services. Audition required.

Technical Arts –

Description: Our technical artists consist of lighting, projection and sound technicians handling all technical needs for our weekend services.
Time commitment: can vary, but commonly involves 1 to 2 times per month.  Participation includes a Thursday night rehearsal and weekend services.

Theater Company –

Description: A team of actors/artists who present a variety of dramas, skits & readings to enhance worship services as requested. Audition required.
Time commitment: as needed to prepare and rehearse.