Welcome to North Springs!

Please be sure to check out the “About Us” page for more information on our denomination, beliefs, and staff members.

Visitor’s Guide (FAQ)

If it’s your first time at North Springs, you are our honored guest. Here are a few questions to help you plan your visit to one of our worship services.

Where do I go when I get there?

We reserve parking spots for our first-time guests, so if you’re new to North Springs, you can find the guest parking spots opposite the main entrance.

As you’re walking to the building, our greeting team will meet you and show you where to find the worship center, restrooms, and children’s ministry. If you need anything throughout the morning, just ask anyone with a North Springs lanyard or name tag. We’re a friendly bunch, and we’d love to serve you.

What about my kids?

Your children are always welcome in our worship services if you prefer to keep them with you.  We love and embrace children as the youngest members of our church family.

Nurseries: We offer safe and loving childcare in our nurseries for children ages birth through three years.  The infant nursery is located directly across from our worship center.  Our walker and toddler nurseries are located on the lower level with our children’s ministry.  Nursing moms are welcome to use a designated area in our infant nursery if you’d like to have privacy while listening to the service.

Children’s ministry: Children aged 4 through 5th grade have age-appropriate, fun and engaging classes where they will worship with their peers and learn about the Big God Story.  Check in for children’s ministries is on the lower level.

We offer classes for middle school on the lower level.

How long is the service?

Services last about one hour and 15 minutes. Our services consist of singing songs, offering our worship to the Lord, followed by a thought provoking and spiritually uplifting sermon.

Check out our Sermons page to hear a recent teachings.

What should I wear?

Don’t feel like you have to dress up. Most people wear casual attire, but you are welcome to wear whatever makes you comfortable.

Can I attend if I’m _____________?

Fill in the blank with whatever fear you have about not being accepted: divorced, single parent, broke, recovering addict, gay, transgender, atheist, skeptic, etc. Everyone is welcome at North Springs. So come as you are, and we’ll see you on Sunday!

How do I become a member?

We have a  NSAC Membership Class  each quarter. Sign up on line to attend.

What about _____________?

Have a question we didn’t address here?  Click here to send an email and we’ll get you an answer.